Get All Right-Brained at the WCOM This Summer

Over 1, 900 musical students can’t be wrong. The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music is the place they choose to use as a haven for learning not only the tools of ‘the trade’ but to turn that trade into a lifelong passion. This summer, turn the sparks of curiosity into the fires of creation by enrolling in any number of musical classes or workshops — go solo, or make it a group effort.

For the adult learner, courses on classic piano, voice and guitar are offered: learn fingerstyle guitar with Matt Schroeder and sing American Standards with Robin Pluer; or take a more avant garde shot at participating in a jazz, or blues combo, a gospel choir, rock band or learn beat making and hip hop production with Eric Meyer and Jordan Lee/DJ Madhatter of The Rusty P’s. Maybe you already know how to play, but want to commit your skills to audio memory — learn and hone your recording techniques with Trevor Sadler of Mastermind Studios with a tidy little summer course to teach you all about mixers and MIDI’s.

Everyone seems to be short on time, but summer is the one time of the year where most kids have more time on their hands than they know what to do with. Keep the wee folks entertained and get their creativity rolling with an introduction to a new instrument. The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music offers comprehensive activities for toddlers to teens: courses, workshops, group and solo classes, and summer camps teaching strings, percussion and the fundamentals of jazz, which feature instructors Jamie Breiwick, Mark Davis and Berkeley Fudge are all part of what the Conservatory has to offer for summer, 2008.

The summer semester begins June 16th and ends August 15th. For information on courses, instructors, tuition, financial aid and locations, visit the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music’s web site. Chopsticks? No more. Let’s try some Bach.

The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music‘s main location is at 1584 N. Prospect Avenue, with other locations in the Riverpoint Village Center in Fox Point and The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center in Brookfield.

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