SHOW REVIEW: Marashino @ Rooters, 4.25.08

Photos by Jemitu
Words by Andy Zupke

Amidst the din and smoke, the band took the stage– hometown heroes who treat every show like their last, and every fan like their best. Friday night at Rooters was no different. Their stage presence is perfectly honed, their image conveying nothing less than pure Rock Star. No introductions were necessary. The crowd knew what was coming, and they waited anxiously. The banner on the stage said MARASHINO.

In the struggling hard rock scene of Milwaukee, few bands have the power to stand out. Marashino is surely one of them. The boys in this band have been touring almost non-stop for the past year, spreading the word the way it should be done. They’ve sacrificed a life of comfort and paying jobs for a life on the road: five sweaty men crammed in a van; several days since their last shower; quick, cheap food in their bellies; and a hope that each show will be better than the one before it.

It’s this kind of drive and endurance that makes a band, and puts to shame all those who sit and wait to be discovered in their hometown. Marashino knows what it takes to get noticed in the music business. They’ve worked hard for their success, and deserve every bit that they get.

Last night I finally had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them. My band, Spiral Trance, opened for Marashino, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever had. Watching Marashino is truly inspiring. The audience hangs on every word and every note, and they know that the guys in the band know every one of them by name.

Highlights of the night? Two birthday girls were brought on stage so the entire audience could sing “Happy Birthday” to them, and one lucky fan was brought up to sing a song with the band. But the last two songs– “Decisions” and “Left Behind” (both huge fan favorites)– stole the show. (Both of which can be heard on Marashino’s MySpace page.)

To hear more songs and see their show schedule, visit them online here, and make sure to check them out at Waukesha’s “A Taste of Summer” festival June 7th.

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3 Responses to “SHOW REVIEW: Marashino @ Rooters, 4.25.08”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, talk about a biased review. Reviewing the band you’re opening for, and clearly friends with?

    Also, knowing each of their fans by name isn’t exactly a good thing. Think about it: If you’re playing for your friends, then you have no fans, really. On the opposite spectrum, if you’re actually trying to hone relationships with random people both on and off-stage, then it IS “rock star”, as in, it’s creepy. In the age of MySpace and Facebook, there’s something to be said for keeping some mystery.

    I enjoy this new blog, but thought this review stuck out like a sore thumb as pure promotion. Sorry.

  2. Andy Says:

    Thanks anonymous! I don’t know that it’s biased, but I understand your points. The main point of my review was to give respect to Marashino as one of the hardest working bands in this city. Yes it is pure promotion. And I’m fine with that.
    Also, Marashino’s drummer Joey Zak just won drummer of the year at the WAMI’s last night!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Since when do bands ‘wait around waiting to be discovered?’ Any band that makes it big puts in a considerable amount of time and effort into their stardom. I would agree with the first poster; the review is quite biased. But, it’s hard not to be when you know the band personally

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