Localized: Goibbledoimbs

Milwaukee’s own “stellar stupid punk band” has only been around for about a year, but they’ve already created a loyal following of fans who have no choice but to dance when anywhere in a twenty foot radius of whatever stage that they’re playing on. Josh (guitar, vox), Steph (bass, vox) and Matt (drums) have been tagged as playing ‘stupid-punk’, but all tags aside, hearing Goibbledoimbs live only ends up being stupid-fun.

“We started about a year ago, either last April or May-ish. Steph, a friend and now our bass player, wanted to start a band, so we did,” Josh says. “It’s only been the three of us, and will most likely stay that way. It’s really simple and stupid punk rock music, just how we like it.”

Compared to the Sneaky Pinks and self-described as “weird dumb-punk, three-chord rock with really heedless lyrics”, Goibbledoimbs have shared the stages with local bands such as Plexi 3, Holy Shit! and Aluminum Knot Eye. They’ve also played with the Sweet Sixteens (Indiana), Throbbin Urges (Michigan) and Real Numbers (Minnesota).

This Saturday, they’ll share a stage with The Shanks (Nebraska), Mosquito Bandito, the one-man band from Michigan and local band, Head On Electric at Frank’s Power Plant, 2800 South Kinnickinnic Avenue at 9:30 p.m. Go get stupid, Goibbledoimbs-style.

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