Year of the Scavenger! Tonight!

Year of the Scavenger
fun facts: the bands’ name comes from a lyric from David Bowie’s 1984 concept album Diamond Dogs, they claim to be influenced by everything from The Velvet Underground, The Jesus Lizard, and Nirvana to the Figgs soaked with a good dousing of old-school heavy metal, but don’t lay claim to actually sounding like any of these, their first show is tonight, and they want YOU to come.

The freshly-minted band came about from a couple of old friends solidifying time spent in the practice space. Cody Litkey (guitar, vox) and Chuck Engel (drums) had been playing music together since 1995. Engel says, “Cody and I have playing music together off and on…and recently formed Year of the Scavenger, which is now our fifth band together. Brian [Whitney, who plays bass, vox] moved to Milwaukee last summer from New Jersey, and we met him one night at a friend’s going away party. The second I met Brian, I felt like we should be playing music together. Turns out, I was right. Cody probably agrees. I don’t know if Brian agrees, though…

…Cody was writing songs on his own for the last few years, and we came into this band basically learning and working with those arrangements at first. We had always talked about what we wanted this band to sound like, but I think it became it’s own beast once Brian came in and we all started writing songs as a three-piece. His influences and presence have been great.”

Influences for this band can also be found in their lyrics and moniker. Engel explains that their name belies much of what their music will continue to convey. ” [our name is] a comment on the current social and economic circumstances in the United States, where supply is low, demand is high, and people seem to have no problem stepping on each other to get what they want. All kidding aside, it just sounds cool.”

Check it out for yourself when they play tonight at Echo Base Collective, 830 S. Barclay, at 7 p.m. Also playing: Hojas Rojas, Jerome in the Sky, Batter Recharger, Dharma Bumz.

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