More Soda (No Ice) Coming Soon

Photo by Alyssa Dawamana Macy @ Indigenius Media

It’s been two years since Kid Cut Up (No Request Sound/Record Breakers) released his Club Soda, No Ice mix CD. A long time? Maybe. But when you consider that he has a DJ gig almost every night of the week here in Milwaukee, co-hosts the as-yet-unnamed hiphop show Tuesday nights at 9PM on 91.7 WMSE (with DJ Madhatter of The Rusty Ps), travels out of town for the ocassional DJ set, and somehow finds the time to support other people’s events, two years really isn’t that long a wait.

According to the man himself, Volume 2 is on the way.

So, if you’ve never heard the man at work, or just need to reacquaint yourself with what he carried in his crates two years ago, download Kid Cut Up – Club Soda No Ice, Vol. 1.

And for more mixes, remixes, and gig info, click over to his MySpace page.

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One Response to “More Soda (No Ice) Coming Soon”

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