Localized: Quinn Scharber and the…

Photo by Scott Winkelbleck

“Localized” is our way of providing you with some info about a band, FROM the band themselves. This week, Erin Wolf talks to the incomparable Quinn Scharber and The…

Well, yes, that is really an ellipsis after their name, and no, it’s not meant to confuse. Think of it as a cheap form of entertainment for a band that puts out solid music, but feels like changing up their moniker to keep things fresh (“My all time favorite was Quinn Scharber and The Temple of Doom” the infamous Quinn Scharber confides).

THE BAND: Quinn Scharber (guitar/vocals), Joe Kirschling (drums) and Thom Geibel (bass) also like to mix it up by throwing several tambourines (instigated by full-time tambourine-player, Joph Bravo) at unsuspecting audience members at their live shows to create what they call a “Tambourine Orchestra”.

“Our first show was at the Hide House for a show put together by Betty Gow, who has remained a good friend of ours since,” Scharber says of their beginnings. “We started in November of ’06. I was writing some songs at home and was looking for a bit of a different sound than The Nice Outfit, which I am also in [along with Joe].”

Previous stints together with Geibel and Bravo in Menlo and The Static Model, had also introduced them as bandmates … ”so, it was easy as asking Joe and Thom to work on some things with me and that was that. A short time later Josh joined.”

Being Nice Won’t Save Milwaukee is what they’ve chidingly entitled their forthcoming album, which is slated to appear in May. Scharber and company are excited to see their final effort realized after recording headaches kept them from releasing the album earlier.

The band’s catchy compositions, mixing rock with garage, power-pop and blues, is energizing. Think Field Music meets R.E.M. meets The Replacements. “I think we’re a dynamic band that relies a lot on improvisation,” Scharber says.

“We try to do something different every time we play, which means we sometimes fall on our faces, but the times we pull it off are very, very rewarding…we’re a pretty simple rock and roll/pop band. I’ve always had a soft spot for that kind of heart-on-your-sleeve type writing”.

And congratulations is in order not only because of their fantastic sound, but also because they just snagged a spot on Milwaukee’s very own Bus Stop Label, whom they will be sharing with the recent additions of local wunderbands, The Celebrated Workingman and Juniper Tar.

“I was hanging out with Jason Mohr of Juniper Tar and Brian Kirk of Bus Stop and they wanted to hear our record. Not long after that, we decided it would be a good partnering.”

Congratulate them in person at their next show, and don’t forget to ask them for their name update.

Quinn Scharber and The…will appear at The Exclusive Company at 1669 N. Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee at 12:30 p.m. on April 19th, and at the Borg Ward, 823 W. National Avenue on April 27th. For show dates, sound clicks, and more, visit their MySpace page.

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  1. j03 Says:

    yeah.. it’s true.. we’re pretty good.

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